Here's Some Cool Video Circulating On Social Media Of A Building Going Bye-Bye In Dallas, TX.

The folks in the area around the UTSW Medical Center in Dallas had to deal with the loud BOOMS and rumbles of a building that had to get dropped according to its owners.

Of course when something like this happens, dozens of folks pull out their cell phones and get video but even the folks involved decided to live stream the event so let's enjoy video of this building implosion shall we?

The implosion was scheduled to happen at 8 a.m. on Sunday.

According to a report from WFAA,  a demolition company was hired by Batson-Cook Construction under the UTSW Medical Center to demolish the Bass complex. The three high-rise towers, low-rise support and parking facilities "needed to removed" in the center of the campus without interrupting campus activities.

The companies used over 800 pounds of dynamite.

They also used 640 feet of steel-cutting linear-shaped charges placed in more than 1,200 locations throughout the three towers. The explosives were then detonated by over 1,500 delays.

The delays were set to help control the speed and direction of each building's fall, break the buildings into smaller pieces for easier cleanup, and lower the noise and vibrations of the collapses as much as possible.

Now The Clean-Up Begins...

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash
Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Workers  are expected to remove over 134,000 tons of debris from the implosion within the next four to five months. As for what's to come for the site, UTSW Medical Center is working with Children's Health to open a new pediatric campus.

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