Colin Kapernick's football comeback may be on hold for the time being so he is calling an "audible" and signing a new multi project deal with the audio book company Audible.

According to the New York Times, the former NFL quarterback has plans to release a new memoir through his own publishing company Kaepernick Publishing to produce audio projects that will boost the voices of "notable authors, creators, and other influential figures."

The book which has no title or release date will be described as part political and part memoir which will give details leading up to his decision to silent protest during the NFL preseason in 2016 by respectfully taking a knee during the National Anthem.

Kaep said in a statement,

I am excited that through this groundbreaking partnership between Kaepernick Publishing and Audible, we can elevate Black and Brown voices who can empower future generations.

Kapernick Publishing began in March of 2019 about a month after his settlement with the NFL accusing the league colluded to keep him out of work.


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