Over the weekend, Savannah and I made the trip to Canton to check out Trade Days. It was so much fun but it I was shocked at so many different items for purchase. The one that I found most unusual was probably the hot soup that was being offered by one of vendors. Everyone who wanted to try the soup seemed to enjoy it even while it was close to 100 degrees outside. Sometimes soup just sounds good. That's why I wanted to work on a list of some of the best places to get soup around Tyler.

This list was put together not by Yelp reviews but instead I got suggestions from a social media page about East Texas, specifically Tyler. One person was requesting locations for the best chicken noodle soup and then the flood gates opened with lots of suggestions for much more than just chicken noodle.

Everyone's Favorite Soup Is Different

Whether you're feeling sick and looking for something to make you feel better or just need a comfort food, everyone's favorite soup is going to be different. While I never loved broccoli as a kid, my favorite soup has always been cream of broccoli. This is why you have to try all different types of soups before picking a favorite.

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It Seems Like Soup Has Gotten Better Over the Years

When I was growing up we had lots of canned soup to choose from, now you go to a grocery store and soups with fresh ingredients are readily available. I don't ever remember there being a baked potato soup when I was sick as a kid, it was Campbell's chicken noodle. Soup has definitely gotten better over the years.

Here is Where to Find Impressive Soup in Tyler

If you're looking for fantastic soup options in Tyler here is where you should go:

East Texas' Top 16 Craziest, Busiest, Hardest-to-Park-in Parking Lots

This doesn't mean the business is bad. In fact, usually it's the contrary. I'll park four blocks away from Stanley's and brave being run over by an ambulance on Beckham Avenue for a Mother Clucker, all while wondering to myself "how in the hell did this wild-ass intersection even come into existence?" every week.

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