Just as I was getting excited about the news of Dez Bryant being signed by the New Orleans Saints by placing him on my fantasy football team I had to drop him as quick as my date when I found out she was a Packers fan after hearing his latest misfortune.

The return of former Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Dez Bryant has been put on hold as he suffered a season ending injury while practicing with her new team the New Orleans Saints on Friday (November 9th).

According to ESPN, an MRI confirmed the East Texas native has torn his Achilles on the last play of Friday's practice ending his season as he signed with the Saints on Wednesday (November 7th).

Bryant was officially put on injured reserve and his recover time is slated for 8 months, but he will again be a free agent.

He sent out a tweet saying this will be an ultimate test as he heals and recover to hopefully be back to competing for a roster spot or a new team.

Bryant, who recently turned 30 hasn't been with a team since he was released by the Cowboys in April.

Let's send some positive vibes and pray for a speedy recovery for Dez!