We all know that one of the most annoying processes when traveling is going through Transportation Security Administration.

However, for Motown legend Diana Ross she was not feeling her experience with the treatment from TSA agents as she was traveling through New Orleans.

According to CNN, the artist known as "The Boss" sent tweets on Sunday (May 5th) sent out some tweets that her experience at the Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans that left her wanting to cry.

She further explained it's not what was done, but how which left her feeling violated as she described the agents hands between her legs, front and back while saying "It's our job."

A spokesperson has responded to the incident saying after review of the surveillance footage indicates that the officers involved with Ms. Ross screening correctly followed all protocols, but will look into the incident further.

Ross was performing at the New Orleans Jazz Festival over the weekend and a representative wasn't available for comment.

What experiences have you had with TSA good or bad?

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