Diddy has now spoken out in regard to being mentioned in the lawsuit between Byron Allen and Comcast.

According to Billboard, the hip hop mogul added his input after his television network Revolt was mentioned in the discrimination suit against Byron Allen.

Let's recap what we know so far...

  • Byron Allen sued Comcast with allegations that refused to air his channels because of his race and opted for other networks that are white owned.
  • Comcast responded saying their decision had nothing to do with Allen being a black man and even used Diddy's Revolt TV as an example that they don't discriminate.

Sean Combs put out his own statement on his Instagram to set the record straight.

I do not want my name to be used inaccurately so I must speak my truth. I also want to make clear that this case is now about much more than cable distribution. It’s about the civil rights of millions of African Americans and other minorities.

Diddy continued saying Comcast has made this much more about Byron Allen, and now the civil rights on my children and my community are at stake.

My respect for Diddy has grown!  What a way to stand up for the culture.


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