While the COVID-19 has kept us out of school and places of worship one church in Tyler is not letting the pandemic stop them from showing their appreciation to their Pastor and First Lady.

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KLTV is reporting that the members of Central Baptist Church came together on Thursday (April 16th) and gave a parade in their honor.

95 cars with 300 members drove by the residence of Pastor Kim and Barbara Beckham with signs and even a firetruck just to give a message of hope since their services have been online.

Pastor Beckham was overwhelmed with act of kindness from his members,

To see the people that we love so dearly, that we’ve worked with so long. We haven’t been able to see them except over video, it just fills my heart with joy, made my cry a couple of times. It was very special.

One thing I have learned while dealing with this COVID-19 pandemic is that while things may look uncertain you should never let go of your faith and this is a perfect reminder that trouble don’t last always and we will get through it.

Thanks, members of Central Baptist Church for this friendly reminder….


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