If you've been on social media as of late, you've probably been seeing a lot of talk about today (December 21) as an important day for Black people all over the world.

According to an hilarious piece from The Root, due to a celestial event known as "The Great Conjunction" when the planets Jupiter and Saturn visibly align for the first time in years, Black people will be blessed with "superpowers" they never imagined possible.

Now, of course we're talking about what many are calling "The Christmas Star" and it happens almost every 20 years but its been centuries since you could actually SEE it happen from Earth. So if you want to check it out tonight, step outside and look up in the sky about an hour after sunset and look towards the southwest.

But in all good fun, Black Twitter and social media are having a ball with this so I'm asking all yall in East Texas, what's YOUR superpower you're hoping to receive tonight?

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