Today (September 22) is the first day of Fall and it certainly fells like it. This morning, we woke up to temperatures that were perfect for a porch sitting with a cup of coffee. But 10 years ago, we were still melting from a brutal heat wave that gave us a month straight of above 100 degree temperatures with no clouds or rain to give us relief.

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As we close the book on the Summer of 2021, we should be very grateful that we experienced a somewhat mild season in East Texas. Throughout this Summer, no temperature reporting station in the three major East Texas cities (Tyler, Longview, Lufkin) reported a 100 degree or above temperature. That's not to say that in your backyard you didn't hit 100, it's just for official records, we didn't this Summer.


Looking back on the Summer of 2011, both Tyler and Longview were cooking. Tyler had two straight days of temperatures at 110 degrees, Longview had one. Tyler endured 46 straight days of temperatures above 100 degrees starting June 28 and ending August 12 of 2011. Longview had two 19 day streaks of temperatures above 100 degrees. It wouldn't be until the middle of October that we would feel comfortable temperatures.

I even did an experiment in 2011 where I took cookie dough, placed it on a baking sheet, set it on the dash inside my car and left them there to see if they could be baked in the heat. I did this experiment again in August of 2016 and put the results on our YouTube channel.

Even if we don't have temperatures at or above 100 degrees, the East Texas Summer heat is no joke.

After all that doom and gloom reminding, be thankful of waking up in the upper 50's this morning. As much of a hater of cold weather as I am, I will say it felt great this morning. It gave me a reminder that I need to do some hoodie shopping on Amazon. Enjoy Fall my friends.

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