If you are looking for summer fun for the kids before the 1st day of school Longview Mall got something for you!

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Summer KidX Club presents "X" Marks The Spot!

Your child can win a prize from Highlights for Children by joining Longview Mall for a scavenger hunt from August 17th - 31st.

The rules for the scavenger hunt are as follows.

Print off the worksheet from Kids X Club and have it with you while with mom and dad next time they come shopping.

The mall has hidden KidX Club icon stickers throughout their property and you will have the opportunity to hunt them down and once you find all the KidX Club icons, you must bring the completed worksheet to the property management office during regular business hours and be entered to win.

One special individual will be chosen at random and announced on September 11th to claim your prize.

Good luck!

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