It’s amazing what you can find on the internet now, you can get anything you want with just a couple clicks. Recently I was talking to a friend about vacations and he told me about Tentrr, it’s a website set up for people who wants to find a private, comfortable place to go camping.  

But as you would expect there is a huge variety of what you can find on their website, some camping spots are just areas to sleep for a few hours and others are more extravagant and give you more amenities to make you comfortable throughout your stay. You can search for whatever you need and prices depend on what exactly you’re looking for in a camping spot.  

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This Epic Dome Rental Looks Amazing 

As I was looking through the Tentrr website I just wanted to see what’s available and found this incredible site called Blue Moon Camping and they have this Epic Dome you can rent. It comes with a king-sized bed, kitchen, bathroom, AC/Heat, fire pit and so many other things to create lasting memories. The views from the dome look great. I would love to see what the big Texas sky looks like while laying down inside this dome rental.  

Dome Rental More Expensive Than Most 

While this dome rental is awesome it does come with a $300 per night price tag so a little more than what it would cost to stay in a hotel room but this is such a cool experience it might be worth pay the extra money.

Check out the pictures of this place: 

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This dome rental would be so much fun!

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