Hopefully you have heard of Ace Venture “Pet Detective” because you will be surround by so many animals it will put a gigantic smile on your face. The Blue Hills Ranch in McGregor, Texas is just over 3 hours from Tyler, Texas according to Google Maps but this might be the most exciting adventure that you go on in the state of Texas. You can host an event at the ranch, just do a safari ranch adventure, or even set up your own dining with the giraffes' experience. 

Last year I was fortunate enough to go on a dream vacation where I traveled to Tanzania in Africa and went on Safari, it was the most incredible trip being that close to animals in their wild habitat. While this might not be exactly the same, I can promise you seeing these animals will be something that you remember for the rest of your life. 

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What Animals are at Blue Hills Ranch? 

You will find so many animals including giraffes, otters, zebras, kangaroos, mini donkeys, quarter horses, wild mustangs, mini horses, British white cows, angus cows, bison, mini-Scottish highlander cows, mini highland park cows, a dromedary camel, mini pigs, emus, a variety of deer, a scimitar oryx, African spurred tortoise, and multiple (very good) dogs. 

Can You Stay at Blue Hills Ranch? 

Of course, you can book an event, rent a cabin, or set up your RV. You can get more details on the Blue Hills Ranch and the animals here:  

Collection of Animals at Blue Hills Ranch in Texas

This might be the most animal friendly ranch in the state of Texas.

Photos from Safari Adventure in Tanzania, Africa

Here is a look at some of the animals we were able to see while going on safari in Tanzania.

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