Out of all the things Facebook and Instagram can ban on their sites they choose a fruit and vegetable.

Today Online, the social media platforms has made the decision to ban the eggplant, peach, and even the water drip emoji's as being used as 'sexual' references.

During Apple's recent iOS 13.2 update the use of the emoji's will only be used in captions, but no longer used in a manner that suggests anything sexual.

It was reported that under the new terms, if you pair an eggplant and peach emoji together it now qualifies as "sexual solicitation."

Users of the social media platforms are warned that if they has used those emoji's in a sexual manner Facebook and Instagram have the right to remove the post, and if you are a repeat offender your accounts can be deactivated!

Great job Facebook and Instagram now (in my sarcastic voice) if they can only use that same energy to prevent people from posting live videos of fighting or getting killed.



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