When I was growing up my parents taught me that family always looks after each other, and no matter what we are to stick together. While I totally appreciate what my parents were teaching us as kids I'm glad that none of my family members have become wanted felons. Obviously, no one wants to see their family in trouble with the law but there is one family member that got on the Kilgore Police Department Facebook page to tell citizens to not help law enforcement track down her family member who has a felony warrant out for his arrest.

Occasionally I check the local law enforcement Facebook pages to see if there is any new interesting stories and I saw the picture posted of Daniel Jaramillo who is wanted for the felony offence of burglarizing a building. Kilgore Police believe their suspect is staying in Longview and traveling between Kilgore and Longview but are requesting assistance tracking him down and getting him in custody.

The Suspect Had a Relative Speak Her Mind on Social Media

After the Kilgore Police Department posted about the suspect online one of his family members (Gina Jaramillo) defending the suspect. You can read her comments below about how he was just trying to stay warm.

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The Crime Was Not About Staying Warm

As you would probably expect, if the suspect was just staying warm it probably wouldn't include a felony charge. But the KPD responded again saying that the suspect was caught on camera stealing thousands of dollars worth of items. Thieves are the worst, hopefully the victims get their stuff back.

As the comments were wrapping up on social media I love reading one comment specifically about always reading the comments on the Kilgore Police Department Facebook page. You won't be sorry.

Defending Family Felon on Social Media

There is a suspect wanted for felony burglary out of Kilgore and a family member is defending their actions on the Kilgore Police Department Facebook page.

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