The things we do on social media for attention!

A Connecticut man who is on the run from the law with (7) arrest warrants is trying to negotiate his freedom with the Torrington Police Department.

According to NBC News, Jose Simms is believed to be hiding somewhere in New York and offered the police a unusual stipulation in order to turn himself in.

The police posted the wanted poster of their Facebook page and Jose has reached out to them and he agreed to turn himself in under one condition.

His post with his picture gets 15,000 likes.

Just the idea alone is crazy and nobody would agree to those demands.  Simms originally wanted 20,000 likes, but the officer wanted 10,000 so they both agreed to 15,000.

Well did Jose get his 15,000 likes?   He actually got around 20,000 likes as of Tuesday (May 21st) and as you guessed it Simms hasn't turned himself in as of yet.

Police is asking for anyone who knows where he's hiding to notify them immediately.


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