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HELP!  I have the COVID-19 blues.

I don’t know about you, but since this COVID-19 pandemic I have really started to realize what really matters to me.

Being an introvert by nature I have grown accustomed to staying inside and read a book or watch television, but that does not mean I don’t like to go outside and enjoy a night on the town.

However, lately since the COVID-19 pandemic and most the country is under “Stay at Home” orders I have started to miss some of the essentials that come from being outside.

I would usually go to the local cigar shop Humidor, enjoy lunch at one of the many restaurants in East Texas, or enjoy a stroll at the Tyler Rose Garden just to smell the roses, but I must admit as much as I love “Social Distancing” I would prefer to do it under my OWN terms and not somebody else.

So, after good though I have thought of 5 things I really like to do while outdoors and even though I can name a lot more this is a good start and feel free to share what you have taken for granted during this pandemic.

Stay safe everybody….

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