So much for loyalty these days!

I have to admit that I have never seen a single episode of HBO's Game Of Thrones as the series came to an end Sunday (May 19th) and by the reactions of the shows ending I might have saved myself some time.

However, the fans of the show are also saying goodbye to their HBO subscriptions or threatening to leave now that the show is over.

From the site We Got This Covered, a quick search on social media exposed individuals canceling their HBO subscription, or contemplating leaving now that the show is over.

This is called 'Churn' in the business industry, which is defined when a user drops service due to price hikes on the ending of a global smash hit i.e "Game of Thrones."

HBO Programming President Casy Bloys spoke about the members canceling their subscriptions,

Historically what we have seen is, before any kind of tentpole show like Game of Thrones, True Detective, Westworld — obviously, Game of Thrones is the biggest — there is usually an uptick of subscriptions for the show and then down afterwards. Usually what we are expecting is a net gain. So there are absolutely people who watched HBO for Game of Thrones, but historically, we usually end up with a net gain, and that’s what I expect in this case as well.

This is nothing new when it comes to canceling network subscriptions.  We will see how the network Starz hold up after the final of their smash hit Power ends after it's sixth season.

Only time will tell.



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