According to sources as of Friday, September 24, Kelly Price has been located according to her attorney. The singer is said to be at an undisclosed place recovering from COVID-19.


The search is on for the whereabouts of our legendary songstress Kelly Price. According to authorities Kelly has been reported missing in Georgia after police were called to her home for a welfare check. Family members requested a welfare check because Kelly's boyfriend would not allow them to go to Kelly's home.



Kelly Price's last instagram post was on July 29th when she shared with followers that she was battling COVID-19. She ended up being admitted to the ICU about 7 days later. While she was in the hospital there were family members that kept in touch with her and her progress while she was there. Her children were informed by telephone that she had be discharged from the hospital. This upset family members because it had just been three weeks since she was admitted. The issue with this was that she had not completely recovered and was not fully healthy.

Even thought Kelly's family said that her boyfriend was being uncooperative, police say that he was cooperative with them. They went on to say that they found no evidence of foul play. Kelly Price was listed as missing on Saturday, September 18th in the National Crime Information Center.


The R&B world was introduced to Kelly Price in 1998 with her debut album Soul of A Woman with the hit song Friend of Mine. That album went platinum and she because a favorite in the R&B and Gospel genres. She started out as a background singer and has since blossomed into a Grammy nominated performer and television host.

Kelly Price is 48 years-old and the mother of a son and daughter.


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