Social media has been buzzing the last 48 hours over random text messages people have received from loved ones.

Were you one of them?  If so don't worry you are not alone as the messages shows no record of being sent from the smartphones in question, but are being received on the other end.

One person tweeted, "So, my best friend's husband got a text message from her at 4:45 AM that said “am I gonna get sued for sexual harassment." She didn’t send it and there’s no evidence of it on her phone (or  her phone bill!) but it’s on his phone. has anyone ever heard of this?!”

Another man revealed he got a text from a friend that read,“Eat Sara.” He wrote, “Jeez. My buddy sent me this, what I thought was a random text. I texted him this morning asking him if he’d been texting in his sleep. He just called me & said, ‘I didn’t send that.’ Must be the work of some prank factory in Russia.”

According to Time, multiple phone carriers confirmed the "glitch" is the reason for the random text messages.

Even a spokesman from Sprint said in a statement,

Last evening, a maintenance update occurred to part of the messaging platforms of multiple carriers in the U.S., including Sprint, which caused some customers to have older text messages sent to their devices/ The issue was resolved not long after it occurred.

Glad things are back to normal and you can actually receive legit text messages.

Now if they can only remedy those annoying robocalls!

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