It’s not exactly a secret that we have lots of great restaurants to choose from living here in East Texas. We have easy access to every kind of food and beyond that it normally pretty reasonably priced and served with love. Even the bigger more well-known restaurants have great employees that keep us coming back for more. Which is why when I found this list of Longview, Texas restaurants with great online ratings I wanted to share the results with you. 

This list of restaurants and reviews came from Restaurantji, while I wasn’t familiar with them before today. Their listings look similar to what you would find on Tripadvisor or any other site that offers reviews and rankings. As I was scrolling through their list of restaurants in Longview it seemed like they had most of the popular restaurants mentioned and a few smaller restaurants too.  

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How Were These Ratings Decided? 

When looking at these restaurants in Longview it looks like they looked at a few metrics. Obviously, customer reviews and scores played a big part in this ranking system. Beyond that these rankings also put more emphasis on the number of reviews, it’s about the average score of many customers. Not just about a few people giving these restaurants a perfect score. I like this idea because it shouldn’t be about one or two people ranking these restaurants, it should come from a variety of people at all different times of the day. 

Let’s Look at Some of These Longview Restaurants With Great Online Reviews 

I’m hungry even thinking about these places. Let’s look at the restaurants in Longview that are getting great scores from people who leave them reviews online. 

These Restaurants in Longview, TX Have Great Online Reviews

Here is a list of highly rated restaurants in the Longview, Texas area.

These are the Top 9 Tex Mex Restaurants in Longview, Texas According to Yelp

The folks in Longview love them some Tex Mex with the Yelp ratings to back it up.

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