While everybody is celebrating love this Valentine's weekend I will be celebrating being single with my television remote and dinner for one while watching to NBA All-Star Game.

While all my friends try to convince me using a dating app and I have used a few in the past this recent episode I just read made me delete all dating apps on my smartphone.

According to CNN, a woman picked up this guy named Christopher Castillo after meeting on a dating app.  (You already see where this is going)

While "she" is driving he was sipping wine in the passenger seat and told her to pull over at this bank.

He goes in and next thing she know he's running back into the car sweating wearing sunglasses, a hat, carrying a gun and $1,000 in cash.

Stunned while in the drivers seat he yells at her "F***ing go!" yet they didn't make it far as they were caught and Christopher was arrested and charged with armed robbery and three counts of assault and battery on a police officer.

Christopher will be spending the next three Valentine's day inside state prison, plus two years in the Bristol County House of Corrections for violently struggling against and spitting on police who tried to subdue him.

Good news for the young lady she will not be charged.

Now you understand why I have trust issues with dating apps.


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