Texas summers are some of the hottest in the nation. We all dread getting into a car that has been sitting it the sun for an extended period of time. Letting the car air out by simply opening the doors for a little bit is the best course of action to the let the air flow.

However, leaving an individual in a hot car is a dangerous situation. With temps going over 100 degrees, it it scary to see to someone or an animal inside a car not running. Many of us have seen videos of people calling police to break into cars to save the previously mentioned individuals.

Some may not know of what happens to a person when they're in a car that is quickly becoming too hot. With the help of Texas medics, residents of the state can now see what happens inside that car.

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A Hot Car In Texas And The Consequences Of Leaving Someone In It

Data collected by Kids And Cars Safety shows the heartbreaking data that 7 young children have passed due to effects of being in a hot car for too long, with one child passing away in Houston, Texas.

CW 39 also reported that the data showed that Texas had the most deaths in hot cars, reaching the amount of 146 from 1990 to 2021. To see what happens to someone physically when exposed to high amounts of heat, medical professionals in the state placed themselves in the situation:

As you can see, leaving anyone is a hot car is a very risky issue. Always remember to report sightings to the police if you spot someone or an animal struggling in a hot car.

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