Is Houston the next big destination for foodies? New York's celebrity super chef David Chang thinks it just might be. He didn't always thinks so, though.

Chang is a big fan of professional basketball player Jeremy Lin. When Linsanity moved to Houston to play for the Rockets several years ago, Chang tweeted that he would open a Momfuku restaurant in Houston so he could see Lin play. His thinking was there wasn't anything good to eat in Houston.

Since that tweet, Chang has made several visits to Houston and, to put in bluntly, he was wrong.

He believes the next food capital of America will be in Houston.

Houston is a pretty ethnically diverse city in the nation so a variety of foods can be available to try out.

Chang pointed out a couple of chefs to be at the forefront of this taste bud explosion - Justin Yu of Oxheart and Chris Shepherd of Underbelly.

Oxheart is in the warehouse district of Houston with an original menu. A couple of favorites of David Chang's are the mung-bean crepe and the savory porridge with vadouvan spice. Add in great service and it's a top place to try.

Underbelly is in the Montrose neighborhood with what is described by chef Chris Shepherd as New American Creole - Mexican influences mixed with Thai, Cantonese, Sichuan, Korean, Punjabi and Texas barbecue.

Chang also found a place called Crawfish & Noodles that he describes as a Vietnamese-Cajun mix of seafood, rice, herbs that's French tinged but also spicy.

David Chang ended his food exploration by saying that if he was to leave New York, Houston would be his destination.

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