The Houston Texans are slowly becoming my favorite NFL team that represents the state of Texas after General Manager and Coach Bill O'Brien said he will take a knee with the team at the beginning of the season to protest police brutality.

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O'Brien and other Texans players attended the funeral services of Houston Native George Floyd and wanted him and the team to speak out in regards to social injustice.

Coach O'Brien gets it!

This is what former NFL quarterback and former San Francisco player Colin Kapernick was doing with his silent protest to bring awareness to police brutality and now the world is finally taking notice especially in the world of sports.

Now of course this might cause backlash from other fans who claim that taking a knee is being disrespectful to the flag, but one NFL player and Army vet Nate Boyer of the Seattle Seahawks suggested that Kaep take a knee instead of sitting.

To all of you who STILL think that kneeling is being disrespectful to the flag I challenge you to check your privilege and take this short 10 question quiz and maybe just maybe you will understand why we are kneeling.

Let me see if I can get some tickets to an upcoming Texans game.

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