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Everybody would like to think the digital world is safe, but in reality we are not.

According to Variety, the content-security firm Irdeto found for the month of April 2018 there were at least 854 listing of over-the-top (OTT) credentials from 69 unique sellers across more than 15 dark web marketplaces.

That means stolen usernames and passwords were on sale from 42 different streaming services including Netflix, HBO, DirecTV and Hulu.

Mark Mulready, Irdeto’s VP of cybersecurity services said in a statement:

Content theft by pirates has become a full-fledged criminal enterprise, with some providing illegal subscriptions in an attempt to compete with established pay-TV operators.

Though it's not clear how many of the stolen accounts illegally available for sale represent legitimate, active accounts, you might just want to go change some passwords to keep yourself safe.