What was supposed to be a celebration of 27 years of marital bliss turned into complete horror as a Texas husband is hospitalized for having the coronavirus.

According to ABC 7, Kim Gagne and her husband Emilian White were having a small gathering of 10 people and after exchanging a fist bump things took a turn for the worst.

Kim explained the moments leading up to her husband's illness:

All we literally did that day was a fist bump, and he was gone.

Emilian's illness happened rapidly and by the time they arrived at the hospital they took him away immediately.

He has been in the hospital since Tuesday (March 31st) and he communicates via phone while Kim and their children are in quarantine at their residence.

While her husband is recovering the moment they took him for a scan and took his oxygen off it became difficult for him to breathe per Kim.

Realizing having dinner guests of ten people they thought it would be ok, but now she is advising people to not have anyone in their homes during this time.

We had people over and that was our mistake. We thought we were okay because we had less than 10 people. But no, don't have anyone in your house.

The coronavirus is to be taken seriously for the safety of you and your family.  For the latest information on the coronavirus you can click here.

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