The Trump Administration is moving forward with plans for a nationwide immigration enforcement operation targeting migrant families for as soon as the weekend after being postponed last month.

According to CNN, the raids would focus on people residing in the I.S. illegally who have final deportation orders which will include families whose immigration cases were fast tracked by judges in 10 major cities including Houston.

While many are left in a panic state and preparation leaving many afraid to go outside.

An undocumented immigrant shares her fear on how she is preparing for the ICE raids this weekend.

OK, you know what, we're going to keep the windows down, the blinds down. I don't want any noise. I want everybody to stay calm and try to turn off the lights in the living room, so if they come, they don't know that we are in the house.  I know my rights. I know that I don't have to open the door. I know a lot of things, but even with that it's really scary.

Vigils were placed outside of detention centers and other locations nationwide as of today (July 12th).

If you need more information about migrants rights you can checkout United We Dream or call (844) 363-1423.


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