Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk goes deep as she talks about her relationship with white women and being “triggered” by them in the past.

According to Vibe, Jada admitted to having biases against white women, specifically with blonde hair.

Blonde hair on white women just triggers me. I’ve had to catch myself.

Jada’s mom, Adrienne Banfield-Jones inquired have she experienced any encounters that trigged her feelings.  Jade then talked about an encounter being teased by white women in regards to her hair, how she looked, and feeling belittled.

Jada invited Red Table Talk’s producer, Annie Price, to discuss race and privileged and she explained how she felt uncomfortable talking about race.

Any time I want to have a conversation [about race] I’m afraid I’m going to offend somebody just by starting to talk. I feel like I’m going to say the wrong thing.

Jada ended the conversation urging black and white women to start a dialogue to put an end to the biases.

Now if we can get a more serious dialogue about racism.

Check out the episode below.