Former Empire star Jussie Smollett is suing the City of Chicago for malicious prosecution.

According to CBS News Chicago, the lawsuit was filed on Tuesday (November 19th) claiming the City of Chicago created a false narrative that painted him at the mastermind of a fake attack, which has caused him humiliation, distress and cost him professionally.

If you remember back in January Smollett told Chicago police he was attacked by two men in a racist and homophobic attack.  It was later claimed it was that the fiasco was staged and Smollett planned it to raise his professional profile.

The prosecutors dropped the case in March, and even though Smollett claims his innocence authorities kept the $10K he paid for his bail.

This is a response to the City's suit against Smollett to gain back the costs of the investigation.

Do you think Jussie or the City of Chicago will win this?

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