Go ahead and plan out your best snacks, meal plans, and concert outfits now! Fresh off from the cussin' out heard 'round the world, gospel singer extraordinaire Kirk Franklin has been added to the lineup for Matthew and Camila McConaughey's virtual concert to benefit victims of the Texas storms of 2021.


KTRE in Houston announced that Kirk will join the company of a variety of entertainers including East Texas favorites, like Khalid!


Other East Texans on the virtual concert list include Miranda Lambert (Lindale), and Don Henley (Gilbert). Other Texas celebs slated to appear at the event include Leon Bridges (he counts, he was born in Fort Worth), Kelly Clarkson (also from Fort Worth), Willie Nelson (Abbott), George Strait (Poteet), and Lyle Lovett (Houston). There will also be appearances by some other celebrity folks from around the country who I guess will be listed as honorary Texans, like Post Malone.

Now, I usually give "benefit concerts" the side-eye. I'll give The McConaugheys the benefit of the doubt this time because I know that those storms affected all of us in some ratchet and raggedy kind of ways. They would not do us dirty and skirt off with all the money they raise. They are not grifters. Besides, Matthew McConaughey still lives here so we know where to find him if we find out something shady is going on with those big stacks of dough. But best believe we'll be watching to see what they do. But I'm not one who gossips, so you ain't heard it from me!

via Gfycat

I am hoping to see some more Texas celebrities get involved, too. I mean, Beyonce, in particular. It would also be cool to see little miss Blue Ivy make an appearance with her adorable newly-minted Grammy-winning self.


Jamie Foxx would be a sight for sore eyes to see as well. Who else do you want to see pop up on your screen at this thing? Get more info on the "We're Texas" virtual benefit concert here. It will be live-streamed on the YouTubes here!

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