About LaRaslum:

Mrs. LaRaslum Robinson Williams, known by those who love her as "Roz," is a devoted wife and mother of two beautiful adult daughters. She is a Longview native and a Longview Lobo to her heart. Roz has a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Texas College and is the Director of Programs for Paula Martin Jones Charities. he is also the Founder and CEO of YU?, a youth resources/youth and young adult program that guides and supports holistically…by any means necessary.

Roz is a woman who loves her community and does what it takes to make it better! She is a member of the Junior League of Longview, serves on Hope for Youth-Community Team, is a mentor with Longview’s Partners In Prevention Mentoring Program-Forever Friends, a member of the local chapter of the NAACP, YAC(Youth Action Committee), Workforce Youth Advisory Council, Ladies With Purpose, she serves as the Youth Director at Post Oak Baptist Church, and is a 2017 Star Over Longview.

Roz recently, hosted a private screening of Hidden Figures and a luncheon, “The Uncovered Power of Woman” that drew over 140 young girls and women! The goal was to inspire and motivate the girls of East Texas to become their best self!

This Saturday, she will host The Winter Masquerade Ball, a fund raiser in effort to send 20 students on an educational experience to Washington D.C. Roz believes it is important to provide our youth a "view beyond their block" in hopes of inspiring them to reach for higher heights.

Clearly, there's no question as to why Mrs. LaRaslum Robinson Williams is our Real Working Woman of the Week.

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