One hard working teacher in Laredo, Texas decided to answer a casting call for the MTV show “Are You the One”. While thousands of people attempt to make the cut only a select few get a call back from producers and Anissa Aguilar was one of the lucky ones to get that call. The new season just got started on MTV and Paramount+ so I guess we know who we are rooting for to not only find love but also win the $1 million-dollar grand prize. 

While I must admit that watching horrible television on MTV is still a guilty pleasure of mine, I haven’t watched much of the show “Are You the One”. I’ve seen commercials for the show but never actually watched an episode, but now I’m going to want to see how this elementary school teacher from Texas does throughout the game. 

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What Is “Are You the One”? 

According to My SA, The show put 22 single people together, 11 men and 11 women from all over the world. They are forced to live together for weeks, while going through this extreme matchmaking process.  Whether she gets paired up with her forever love or not, there is still a chance for Anissa to win the cash. 

Anissa Wants to Win But Winning Isn’t Everything 

While of course the schoolteacher would love to win 1 million dollars, she said that she is just excited to represent her city on the show. Her career goals include becoming a principal and she is more focused on those long-term goals compared to what happens on this show.  

We are cheering Anissa on in this show and just as a tremendous educator here in the great state of Texas! 

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