We continue to applaud the efforts of the Bullard Police Department here in East Texas as they continue to do everything possible to serve their community. Just last week we started noticing that the Bullard Police Department was posting the names of people who were scheduled to have a court date but didn’t appear in court, most commonly referred to as a failure to appear. And this week they have once again released a list of names so here are the individuals who most recently missed their court date, names are listed below. 

While I understand that many people might find it harsh that the police department is posting the names online for everyone to see, but really, it’s to help these people not make their punishment any worse. After missing their court date, they only have a small window of time to contact the courts before there is a warrant issued for their arrest. If your name is listed below you will want to call the Bullard, Texas Municipal Court at (903)894-7263 or you can email courtclerk@bullardtexas.net. 

The Longer You Wait to Contact the Bullard Court the More You Could Be Paying 

If you ever see your name appear on the FTA list released by the Bullard Police Department you must act quickly. On top of a warrant being issued for your arrest, you could also be stacking up higher fees such as court fees or administration fees. Don’t wait and make things worse, call the courts so you don’t have to continue to worry about these issues. 

List of People Who Missed Court Recently in Bullard, Texas 

Here is a look at the names published by the Bullard Police Department who missed court recently: 

Bullard Police Department FTA List (Updated 4/29/22)

Here is a recent list of individuals who missed their court date in Bullard, Texas.

Bullard Police Department FTA List (April 2022)

Here is a list of people who didn't appear for court at the Bullard Municipal Court in Bullard, Texas

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