Working in law enforcement isn’t an easy job so it’s interesting to see officers and departments getting creative to deliver results. In this instance the Bullard Police Department is working to reduce the number of people who don’t show up to court for their court date. Their newest idea is clever, the Bullard Police Department is now posting the name of anyone who misses a court date on social media in hopes that people won’t want their name online so they make their court date a priority.  

While I’m sure no one wants to be on this list, it’s also a good idea to release these names because it gives these individuals time to take action. Most of the people who make this list are going to court for a simple violation, and if they contact the courts immediately, they can prevent a warrant being issued for their arrest.

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What’s the Best Way to Contact the Bullard Municipal Court So a Warrant Isn’t Issued? 

According to the Bullard Police Department the best way to resolve an issue such as being on the FTA list is to call the court at (903)894-7263. The list of people who Fail to Appear in court is updated weekly and you can see that list by clicking here.  

There Were 20 People Who Skipped Court Last Week 

According to the list released by the Bullard Police Department there were 20 people who didn’t show up to court last week. The names are listed below if you want to see them. Although there were 2 people who made this list that commented on the Bullard Police Department post saying they shouldn’t be on this list. Just remember when it comes to court or having a warrant issued make sure you have completed everything necessary to not be on this list.  

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