Truth Hurts!  Lizzo is here to stay.

My sister will love this news as Lizzo has been named Time magazines "Entertainer of The Year."

According to E! Online, the magazine said the 31-year-old singer represents "something new."

Her sound is relentlessly positive and impossibly catchy . . . In 2019, Lizzo was a beam of light shining through doom and gloom, telling us to love ourselves even if the world doesn’t always love us back. We needed her.

Lizzo was excited about the news as she told Time,

I've been doing positive music for a long-ass time. Then the culture changed. There were a lot of things that weren't popular but existed, like body positivity, which at first was a form of protest for fat bodies and black women and has now become a trendy, commercialized thing . . . Suddenly I'm mainstream!

This is perfect timing as she recently was nominated for eight Grammy Awards which is the most for any artist at the upcoming 2020 Grammy's including Record and Song of the Year for "Truth Hurts" and Album of the Year for "Cuz I Love You."

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