We have seen a lot of un sung hero’s during the COVID-19 pandemic like nurses, doctors, police officers, postal workers just to name a few, but a special group of individuals in Longview got something extra special for putting themselves on the frontline daily.

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KLTV is reporting that employees at Kroger in Longview on McCann and Highway 80 received a token of appreciation for their work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sloan Law Firm employee Carson Runge walked in and gave employees gift cards to Jucys who are known for their top-notch burgers.

Runge who frequently shop there observed the employees hard work and decided to do something to show them they’re appreciated.

We read about stories all the time about how essential workers are being recognized for their bravery being put on the frontline serving while dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Your work hasn’t gone unnoticed and for that we appreciate you and all that you do.

Thank you, Carson, Runge and Sloan Law Firm for leading the charge and help bring a smile to the employees at Kroger during this difficult time.

I personally appreciate you!

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