I'll be the first to admit that after spending the last year wearing masks, sanitizing everything and adjusting to a pandemic world, the LAST thing I ever would want to do is go to a "buffet" style restaurant where food sits out in the open for hours while hundreds of people just walk by and breathe their dirty air all over it. In the words of the wise man Randy Jackson, "That's gonna be a no for me dawg".

But one Texas buffet restaurant that was already struggling before COVID (the pandemic helped accelerate its demise) is trying to make a comeback. According to KTRK in Houston, Luby's Inc. announced on Monday that the company had entered into an agreement to sell the Luby's Cafeteria restaurant business to a newly formed affiliate company that plans to keep the restaurants open.

Last year, Luby's along with its sister company Fuddrucker's announced plans to close all of its locations and sell off the assets including all its locations and real estate. Fuddrucker's was already sold off and all of its locations were immediately shut down but there were 32 Luby's locations that were still in operation, most in the Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio areas.

As part of this new deal, the 32 Luby's restaurants that were included will remain open and employees there will be offered a chance to keep their jobs which is a good thing for close to 1,000 employees.

But unfortunately for East Texans, the Luby's rebirth won't be coming here. Luby's is now a distant memory because the Tyler location at Bergfield Square was demolished in 2019 after being open for 50 years. Maybe it can return one day, we'll see but for now you'll have to travel to one of the Texas major cities to get your Luann Platter fix.


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