According to KHOU 11 News, the CBS-affiliate in Houston, investigators on the Maleah Davis case seized Derion Vence's cellphone records.

A warrant was issued to his cellphone provider for his phone records for the time period of April 30 through May 15.

Homicide investigators said the call history stored in Vence’s phone may reveal who he communicated with after the last time Maleah was seen on camera alive.

KHOU 11 News
KHOU 11 News

“…if the missing phone is being used subsequent to defendant’s claim that it was left in his Nissan, the call history data could lead investigators to the person using the phone, and would provide information regarding from whom calls are being received.”


KHOU 11 reports that Vence told investigators he lost his phone on May 3 when he was assaulted by two Hispanic men.

Vence remains in the Harris County Jail charged with tampering with evidence related to a human corpse.

The investigation is ongoing.

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