I haven't bought anything from Fashion Nova, I don't think ever. It's not that I haven't wanted to, I just haven't found anything that would look flattering for my PEAR body shape. Oh, I'm a curvy chick, but let's just say that I lack curves in all the right places! I've got lumps and bumps that wouldn't be cute in a size 2. I'm a size 12/14.

I love window shopping at Fashion Nova's rompers and jumpsuits, I'm not gonna lie. I know that Cardi B likes to rock their clothes but I ain't got a Cardi B body-oddy-oddy-oddy.

Megan THEE Stallion is a fan of Fashion Nova as well, so much so that she has teamed up with them to encourage women entrepreneurs for Internation Women's Month. They have been dropping dollars and making it rain in Texas for women sole proprietors, women-based nonprofits, and even local HBCUs.

I saw that Fashion Nova Cares and Megan gave Texas Southern a $25,000 gift to use at their College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. How cool is that?

I knew that she is from Texas (Pearland by way of Houston, by way of San Antonio) but don't think I knew that Megan THEE Stallion was a HBCU grad. Her real name is Megan Jovon Ruth Pete and according to Wikipedia, she attended Prairie View A&M. I wonder why they didn't give the grant to it instead of Texas Southern? Prairie View A&M has a nursing school, too.

Hmmm, could there be some gossip THEE BEEF behind that story?


Nah, I bet there's a logical explanation for it. I'm just being a nosy busybody. Let me hush and mind my own business.


But congratulations to Texas Southern though, that's pretty freaking cool for them to get that big grant! Way to go Megan THEE Stallion and Fashion Nova!

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