When driving to work in East Texas my travel times vary between 10-20 minutes and that's on a good day.

However, if you commute from Longview, Jacksonville, or even Whitehouse according to a new study from the Census Bureau travel times has risen to a new record.

The Washington Post reports that the average one-way commute time in the U.S. has rose to a record high of just a little over 27 minutes last year.  Meaning a typical commuter now spends 20 more minutes a week commuting than a decade ago.

This increase is being driven by a large growing share of workers with long commutes, as more people are forced to move further away from metropolitan areas in search of affordable housing.

On the bright side of things there are a small percentage that is slighting growing of Americans who are avoiding commuting to work by working from home as just over five percent of the country's workforce worked from home last year.

Working from home?  Hmmmmm.....



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