They call me The King Of Some Media because I be on all the media (except a movie and a book, I'll work on that soon). Just about every few months, I get invited to be on the nationally syndicated entertainment gossip show TMZ Live and I recently got the call to be on the show again.

I honestly don't really keep up with "celebrity gossip" but because I'm in a "celebrity" industry, I usually just skim through the headlines and keep it moving. So when they called me to share my thoughts on this particular topic, I had to do some quick research.

"Celebutante" (A person who is famous for no particular reason, I just made up that word, make sure I get my credit in Webster's) Nicole Richie, who is the daughter of the legendary singer Lionel Richie, was celebrating her birthday when this happened:

That's right, her hair caught on fire while trying to blow out the candles on her birthday cake.

Now my quick thoughts on this is: STOP WITH ALL THE FIRE. One candle should suffice folks but even then, those can be dangerous. Birthday parties can be dangerous too, let's look at some videos shall we:

Folks, just be careful with the fire at birthday parties, that's all I'm saying. Now, check me out on TV sharing with comments on TMZ Live in the video below, just fast forward to the 32:19 minute mark to see the clip and yours truly.


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