Out of the mouth of babes!

With anther week of working from home and kids being home schooled I am sure I am not alone when I say I am so done with this 'Stay-At-Home' order.

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Now granted I am all about my health so I will comply with the rules until further notice, but it seems as if one little girl from East Texas is tired of it too and expressed her frustration on paper.

KLTV reported that 5-year-old Laney Wilson in Harleton who is stays with her aunt because her parents work was given an assignment to write five sentences using the following vocabulary words.

  • Game
  • Home
  • Like
  • Dad

When Laney was finished with her assignment her aunt Amanda Morris Smith was quite surprised with her completed work as she shared it on social media.

For a five-year-old the sentences were written pretty good and she seems to be over this COVID-19 pandemic like I am.

Hang in there Laney, but in the meantime have aunt Amanda give you some cookies and enjoy some family time!

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