You may have looked at the featured image on this article and thought to click on it because it looks like a "cowboy" doing a line dance of some sort but its actually a dude who made a "line" for the exits at a store with something he didn't pay for and police in Central Texas are looking for this boosting buckaroo.

Police in Temple, Texas Are Asking For The Public's Help


According to a post from the Temple Police Department's Facebook page, police report the man went into an auto parts store on Brooke Drive on Tuesday morning and stole a car battery. I know a car battery is an essential part for your car and while you hate to see folks resort to desperate measures to get things they need, the next part of the story is where I lose sympathy.

Police say that he assaulted an employee after the employee tried to stop him.

Temple Police Department
Temple Police Department

Police confirmed that the "Charging Callous Cowboy" assaulted an employee on the way out and according to some of the comments on Facebook, that employee was an elderly person. So now you can add an "assault" charge to whatever possible charge he'll get for stealing in the first place.

Call Bell County Crime Stoppers So Cops Can Have "Mosey Over" To The Slammer.

If you have any information on this "Battery Boosting Buckaroo" call the Temple Police Department at 254-298-5500 or the Bell County Crime Stoppers at 254-526-8477 with any information. Meanwhile, back here in East Texas, if you can help cops here with details on some of these cases, give them a call:

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