The days of feeling safe in public places are now over!

Since the deadly shooting that took place in El Paso, Texas and Dayton Ohio a new study shows that one-third of U.S. Americans are scared to go out to certain events and places due to the possibility of a shooting.

According to Time Magazine, a new study was released from the American Psychological Association along with the Harris Poll soon after the shootings took place and the results were quite disturbing.

From the study they found 79 percent of individuals who have stress related issues to mass shootings, and close to one-quarter mentioned they made changes to their daily lives because of mass shootings.

Some of the places like malls, schools, movie theaters, and even public events cause the most worry and according to the study women are most likely to say they are more likely to have stress related issues than men by a percentage of 85 to 71.

Children are also feeling the effects of the mass shootings as a study in 2018 found that 75 percent of those in Generation Z caused a great amount of stress.

Teachers and parents you can help your child cope with mass shootings by following these tips by clicking here.



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