Texan's are frustrated with Governor Abbott and his direction to re-open the state of Texas.

While Governor Greg Abbott reopened the state of Texas on Friday (May 1st) a lot of Texans especially here in East Texas are not too thrilled about the decision and held a rally voicing their displeasure.

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KLTV reports on Saturday (May 2nd) the East Texas Freedom Coalition held a rally at Tyler’s City Hall to demonstrate their frustrations about the current procedures.

Natalia Gibson who’s the Co-Founder of the group said the demonstration is to bring awareness and to make sure in a safe manor there isn’t a future overreach and also believe individuals should make a decision for themselves rather to go outside or not after officials have not been following their own orders.

According to Gov. Abbott’s OPEN TEXAS booklet essential businesses and retail businesses like restaurants, places of worship, malls just to name a few are open and operating at 25 percent and I even believe that is still too early to open up as it was reported that last Thursday and Friday was the deadliest 48 hours of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I totally understand having the right for the freedom of speech, but why risk more individuals catching the virus and make matters even worse and put us at a more critical state?

While physicians are still trying to figure out how to combat the coronavirus I ask of you to continue to practice social distancing and self-quarantine until we have a solution.

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