While there are some people in Texas that are vocal about not wanting more people moving to Texas, for the most part everyone here is friendly and nice. That is very well known too because the folks at BestLifeOnline decided to rank all 50 states on how rude people are and Texas didn’t rank very well. But that truly is a good thing, that means people in Texas aren’t very rude. 

It would be fun to visit all 50 states so you could find out for yourself where the nicest and most rude people are from. Most of us will probably not visit all 50 states which is why it’s so fun to look at a list like this and even poke fun at states like Iowa which came in at #4 for the rudest states. Let’s hope everyone looks at these rankings and tries to be a little bit nicer today.  

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What Statistics Decided These Rankings Regarding Rude States 

There were a few different metrics that went into this list including, rude drivers and other rude statistics that were then measured by population to come up with the actual rankings. While it might seem a little goofy, seeing New York come in at #1 it does make you think twice about spending thousands of dollars to go visit some place that is known as rude. 

Details on Texas Ranking in the Rude Report 

Texas came in at #42 on the list of 50 states. The percentage of the state that is rude is 1.1%, percentage of rude drivers is 2.1%. The rudest cities in Texas are said to be Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio. 

What do you think? Does this list and Texas rank on the list sound correct to you? 

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