I came across this story as I was scrolling through social media like so many of us do, but it hit home quickly as it took place in Kilgore, Texas. The information was relayed by Jesse Shico about his experience recently about something that happened while he was grabbing some dinner at Chicken Express. This story will make you realize how fortunate you are and a reminder for all of us to look out for our fellow East Texans.  

Just like so many of us Jesse was busy so he called ahead to try and place his order so he would have to wait once he arrived. After getting a little aggravated he drove to the restaurant to place his order, he quickly realized there were only three people working trying their hardest to pump out as much chicken and as many side dishes as possible. 

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After Placing His Order Things Changed Drastically 

Jesse obviously changed his attitude and was just excited to grab some food for him and his family. That’s when a mom and a little girl probably 8 or 9 years old walked in, it was clear they were going through some rough times. They stepped up to the counter and asked for two rolls and a tea. The mom didn’t have enough money to pay for the order and Jesse quickly reached for his debit card.  

East Texas Needs More of This 

Jesse then asked if he could order them more food, but they refused and thanked him for already paying for their order. The mom and daughter reassured Jesse they had food at home and a place to stay, that is when the mom and daughter left the restaurant. Jesse took his food home and was crying telling the story to his family.  

This is a reminder for all of us, it would only take a few things to happen, and we could be in that same spot without enough money for two rolls and a tea. So, if you see someone struggling, please help them out if you can. We’re all doing the best we can, be kind, and help others if you are in the position to do so. 

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