Last week, we learned Hollywood Director John Singleton had a stroke and is in ICU at a Cedar Sinai Hospital.

Now the iconic director is fighting for his life as his condition worsened after multiple reports of him being in a coma.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Singleton's family has filed legal documents to make an attempt to establish a conservatorship for him.

Singleton's mother Sheila Ward has made the request to be made his temporary conservator because he is unable to properly provide for his personal need for physical health, food, clothing and shelter.

Singleton reportedly did not have a living will, which determines how he would like doctors to proceed in a medical emergency.

Per legal documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight, Singleton was in the midst of multiple business projects when he suffered a stroke, and was even prepared to sign a lucrative deal.

Ward is requesting that she be put in charge of his affairs to avoid losing a great financial loss to his estate.

Our prayers and positive vibes are with John Singleton.

Do you have a living will and if not who would you want in charge of your affairs?



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