The R. Kelly saga continues while awaiting his trial he is being accused of allegedly intimidating witnesses while in jail.

According to the Chicago Tribune, federal prosecutors has claim that R. Kelly and his defense attorney's have removed themselves from the outside world he has found a way to smuggle a letter into his federal facility and even used a jail employee's phone to make an unmonitored call.

A prosecutor said last in a filing last week,

Simply put, the defendant’s past behavior reveals that if given the opportunity to influence a potential witness, the defendant will take it, and his incarceration may not be enough to prevent such conduct…These incidents demonstrate that the defendant has sought out, and likely will continue to seek out, clandestine means of communication. It also demonstrates that the defendant has, at his disposal, individuals willing to assist him in bypassing the traditional methods used to monitor the defendant’s communications while incarcerated.

Kelly is currently being held in Chicago's Metropolitan Correctional Center since July and is facing child pornography, racketeering, and obstruction of justice charges.

His trial is scheduled to begin at April 27th.

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