Retired NBA superstar Dwayne Wade appeared on Showtimes Sports Podcast "All The Smoke" hosted by Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson.

During the conversation they spoke on Wades's NBA career and what he has been up to since retirement he opened up about his 12-year old son Zion's sexuality.

According to the Washington Post, Wade said that the LGBTQ community are normal and not different and everybody should get used to it.

This is the new normal. Everybody get used to it. If anybody different, we’re looked at as different—the ones who don’t understand it. The ones who don’t get it. The ones who are stuck in a box, you’re different.

Wade went on the say he would like for his kids to be free and live their lives, whatever they want to do it's his job to support and what they're doing.

Dwayne Wade and family are taking their first holiday vacation since his retirement and seems like he is truly enjoying the 2nd phase of life and parenting.




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